The Library on Gender and Equality is the only library specializing in women's issues in Greece.




The library was established in 1984 by the Council for Equality of the two Sexes (C.E.S.). The C.E.S. was the first Greek governmental authority to promote equality and improvement of Greek women's position. Since its establishment in 1983, it undertook to cover the gap in information about women as, till that time, only stray and unorganised collections could be found in Greece. In the course of time, the General Secretariat for Equality (G.S.E.) (as the C.E.S. was upgraded in 1985), which belongs to the Ministry of the Interior, particularly supported and upgraded the role of the library, allocating significant funds in buying books, providing modern equipment.



The Library on Women's Issues is the only library in Greece with an organised collection, responsible to gather and distribute knowledge, both historical and contemporary, to anyone concerned with women's status in Greece and all over the world. Besides collecting current material, the library is also engaging in acquiring old, rare, and valuable documents, as well as visual material.

Its aim is to save this material which marks the beginning and progress of women's struggles for equality in our country, as well as to make it known to the broad public.



The enrichment of the library takes place through purchase and donations.

The collection of the library consists of books, leaflets, declarations, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, posters, photo collections, laws, periodicals etc., written by or for women. It counts 10.000 book titles and 38 periodical titles, and it is organised in the following thematic units:

General information material, women's studies, mythology, religion, social anthropology, women's history, biographies, philosophy, women's movement / feminist ideology, politics, law / legal position, women's status in Greece and elsewhere, social care and insurance, demography, environment, housing, roles of the sexes, education, employment, arts and culture, mass media, language, athletics, psychology, mental physical and reproductive health, sexuality, family and marriage, literature.





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