The library is daily open to the public during concrete hours.

Users are entitled to study in the reading room, to make photocopies, and to borrow books, always respecting the library regulations and the law concerning protection of copyright.



The library operates as a lending one. According to library regulations, borrowing terms applying to the G.S.G.E. staff are different to those for external readers. Terms also vary according to the sort or rarity of the document.



Nowadays, with the fast increase in the "quantity" of knowledge and with the parallel development of electronic means and resources, the library also offers the below mentioned electronic services :

  • The search for material can be carried out on-line through library electronic catalogue (OPAC), in the website  
  • The library accepts requests from distant users, concerning the compilation of special bibliographies, and sends the answers by e-mail or fax.
  • The library searches for documents in e-form in websites and electronic data bases and  saves these in a special base.  
  • Finally, new acquisitions, the books having been ordered, as well as the donated material are published regularly in our website.



In the context of its function, the Historical Archive was launched and seeks to continue digitalizing and publishing online some important old and rare items. Accessing to digitized documents is available through the site or the OPAC of the Historical Archive. The objective of this effort is the protection of old paper-based archival material, as well as, the distant users to have the opportunity to use the electronic forms of text (if this action is permitted by the Copyright Law).